Wai Wai City is India’s first QSR noodle bar concept brought together by CG Corp Global, the multinational conglomerate behind one of the most iconic noodle brands – Wai Wai Noodles.

At least two generations of Indians had grown to adore Wai Wai noodles. Taking the next step in its evolution, this iconic noodle brand brings Wai Wai City – India’s first QSR noodle bar concept.

The idea of opening these outlets is to bring the brand closer to the consumers by not just giving them multiple options but also creating a functional space without compromising on the fun through its colourful graphics.

In a way, it is the beginning of an exciting pan India journey of Wai Wai city by offering the Wai Wai fans, a whole new world of taste and flavors.

The senior chefs in Wai Wai City believe that noodles are FUN CARB that anyone interested in cooking can use as a base and play around with, in terms of flavours/sauces/styles of cooking and more.

By going with the long format noodles, they are aiming to introduce the concept of SILKY NOODLES the term which primarily comes from cooking the noodles in a way that it gives the customers the fun experience of slurping them instead of just eating them like any other noodle.

The handcrafted menu offers an array of noodle dishes keeping in mind the customers’ cultural food palate (both traditional and contemporary). Therefore, Wai Wai City menu offers everything from a snacky wai wai city bhel to South Indian flavoured noodles to the contemporary and current favourite of most Indians; THAI noodles. Even the variety of inventive drinks like cherry Coke to a nimbu masala and an exotic funky tiramisu for the dessert are no exception to this concept.

Overall, Wai Wai City offers a menu of innovative flavours in a QSR format at pocket-friendly prices that appeal to all ages and tastes.

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